Another shawl

Well I finished all the square knots and wound the warp onto the back beam.  I had a little problem getting all those knots through the reed, but a healthy tug was all it needed.  One or two knots gave way in the process – darned slippery yarn!

I wove a slightly different pattern than the first one,

weaving bamboo yarn shawl

A different pattern

but where as the first one went relatively smoothly (relatively); this one was wrought with problems.  One third of the way through the weaving the second harness started to ‘stick’ and if I wasn’t careful I would catch some of the second harness warp in my throw when I only wanted the first harness up.  It was a real mess undoing that pic.

I went along, pushing down the second harness as I went along.  All I can come up with for a reason is that I did a lousy job warping the loom and the tension was uneven and thus it was somehow causing the harness to be at a slight angle.  No way to take pictures to show this one.

Next, as the knots became visible as the warp advanced more knots started to come undone.  I had to fix them by tying on a piece of yarn and weighing it.  I have 2 S hooks and two carabiners to help weigh the yarn and one the 6th knot came loose some of them were doing double duty.

weaving warp weights

An ugly mess!

It was getting to be an ugly pattern – weave a few picks, advance the warp, sproing! a loose knot.  Then get up, tie on the scrap yarn, weigh the warp, go back to weaving.

So I cut it short and thus my woven piece ended up being about 56 inches long instead of 70 or so inches long. But it’s done.


About me

Fiber artist - knit, weave, and quilt. I am also getting back into garment sewing. I have started to dye my own yarn and I'm learning to spin.
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