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So, a few hours after I proudly took the pictures of my finished Watermelon Slice socks, I took them off my feet.  Then, to my horror and dismay, I found a big, fat booboo!  I had somehow dropped a stitch … Continue reading

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Two Down, One to Go

Just a quick note.  I finished the Watermelon Slice Socks and there’s still snow on the ground! In fact we are having flurries today. I love that word ‘flurries’ and I love watching ‘flurries’. They give everything a nice, clean, … Continue reading


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NEMO and the Watermelon Socks

Not Nemo the cute little Disney fish but Nemo, the storm that hit the Northeast on Friday and continued to rage during the day on Saturday. Nemo, however, is not an official name. The government never names these kinds of storms, but the … Continue reading

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About that cruise..

As promised, I am going to talk about that cruise.  My mother-in-law likes to cruise and she likes to take her kids and their spouses on cruises with her when she hits milestone birthdays.  Her 85th birthday was exactly that!  … Continue reading

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