Oh my, how time flies!!

It’s been a while, and I am sorry about that.  I’ve rewritten many drafts of this post and nothing seems to flow.  I feel that my muse has left; I’m holding on to the thought that I’m just rusty!

I saw, with regret, my favorite picture editing site, Picnik, get swallowed up by Google+.  But, here I am again and I’ve found a new picture editing site, and so far so I’m liking it! I am now using PicMonkey, and it does everything I want to do.  My needs are simple.

My hands, however, have not been idle.

I finished knitting a pair of socks:

Sleepy Hollow socks

I am now working on  two more pairs of socks and a shawl.  I foolishly agreed to two sock KALs.   In addition, I joined two shawl groups in Ravelry; one is “A Dozen Shawls in 20Dozen” and the other is “12 Shawls in 2012” (sound the same don’t they? yes, but the rules are different).

Pair of socks#1. The group of knitters that I meet with on Sunday evenings, at Starbucks, is have a little knit-a-long (a.k.a. KAL). We plan on knitting all the socks in Cookie A.’s first book:  Sock Innovation.  Here is the first pair, on the needles:

Socks - up to the heel flap

These socks are called: Glynnis.

I also joined a KAL with Knitter’s Brewing Company.  Below is first sock of the pair.  I decided to knit each sock separately.  I find that, because I am using two colors, I have enough work keeping the two strands untangled; I just don’t need the added aggravation of having to sort out 4 strands of yarn.

Crossed Wire socks (so far)

This is the first pair of socks I’ve ever made that are knitted from the toe up and I’m really excited about that.  These socks are Crosswired, by Wendy Gaal at Knitters Brewing Company.

And below is the shawl, Kudzu, (at least up to this point):

Kudzu started


About me

Fiber artist - knit, weave, and quilt. I am also getting back into garment sewing. I have started to dye my own yarn and I'm learning to spin.
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4 Responses to Oh my, how time flies!!

  1. Mary Dupuis says:

    You are certainly staying busy.Great work

  2. caityrosey says:

    Glad to hear an accomplished knitter admit that she is just trying toe-up knitting for the first time. I’m trying to psych myself up for it right now.

    • me says:

      I know what you mean. I kept on putting it off, but once I started it wasn’t so bad at all! I’m going to go into more detail once I finish the first sock.

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