One down, two to go

Well, I’ve been sitting here with a bad, bad cold.  I decided that this is the perfect time to finish some long languishing projects.  I started with Eunice, the second pair of socks in Cookie A.’s book:  Sock Innovation.

 I started these socks in July, and finished them last night!  I kept on worrying that I would not have enough yarn to finish them, especially one of the socks, where the remaining yarn looked dangerously short.  In the end I had enough, but this is what is left:

Left over yarn

Left over yarn

That pile on the right is 128″ long, but the pile on the left is only 33″ long.  It was sort of an emotional roller coaster getting to the end there.  One moment I felt confident I had enough yarn, the next that there was no way that there was enough yarn.  Glad the yarn pulled through.  You see the problem was two-fold, first the skein, instead of weighing 100 gm (as the label said), weighed only 96.1 gm. Thus, probably had less than the full 392 yds of yarn.  Secondly, I added an extra repeat of the cuff pattern because I don’t really like short socks. Which, of course, used more yarn.  All I can say is that fortunately, I have very small feet.

These were fun to make, but not without a Cookie A. quirkiness.  The cables are done with two cable needles.  Here is a cable in action (click on the picture to see it up close and personal):

Cable in action

Cable in action

Three on the front cable, one on the back cable.  Knit 3 from the left needle, purl the one on the back cable needle, knit the 3 on the front cable needle.  Not so bad, except when I had to do that cable on the sides of the sock, then stitches had to be moved from needle to needle.  Now, Cookie A. uses dpns, I use two circulars and I knit two socks at once (I have to do that otherwise the second sock just doesn’t get done).  I love my little ‘safety-pin’ like stitch markers because I use them to take stitches off one circular and put them on the next.
Here is an action shot of me using one (different pair of socks, but the same idea, and coincidentally, also a Cookie A. sock):

Safety pin marker in action

Safety pin marker in action

 The safety-pin holds the stitch that needs to get transferred to the other needle, especially handy to use if the stitch is in between the two socks rather than at the end.

Here they are finished and being worn:



A bit more about this yarn. It’s called Pediwick from Knit One Crochet Too. It’s a bamboo/nylon blend and a very nice soft yarn.  However, it’s going to be trouble.  Just while knitting it started to pill.  I’m glad I made socks with this yarn and not a sweater or something.  I do love the color, sage green is one of my favorites.  And, as I mentioned, the socks are nice and soft.  In fact I’m wearing them right now (kept them on after the photo shoot).

My Ravelry page:  Eunice.

Like I said, one down, two to go.  I will now finish the Watermelon socks that I also started in July. After that, I will finish the second Cardioid shawl.


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4 Responses to One down, two to go

  1. Dana Whitney says:

    Totally amazing! I hope they don’t pil much… I would think pillage would be worse in socks than sweaters..Congratulations.

    • me says:

      Pillage might be worse in socks, but it’s on my feet and not at most people’s eye level! Thank you, I’m sure glad they are done.

  2. Danielle says:

    Wow, those socks look so impressive when they’re done. Good job! I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

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