NEMO and the Watermelon Socks

Not Nemo the cute little Disney fish



but Nemo, the storm that hit the Northeast on Friday and continued to rage during the day on Saturday.

Front steps

Front steps

Window by desk

Window by my desk

Nemo, however, is not an official name. The government never names these kinds of storms, but the Weather Channel decided to give it a name.  So, after much thought, they came up with Nemo. 

Here we were, Sunday, a beautiful sunny day – the temps went above freezing into the upper 30s.

Our street

The sidewalk on our street

Oh here are the front steps and the walk way after we cleared the snow (listen to me saying ‘we’, actually DH did all the shoveling.  A neighbor did come by with his snow blower and help in the driveway a bit).

Front steps and walk way dug out

Front steps and walk way dug out

You’d think I spent my time productively and did a lot of knitting, right?  Well, I did spend the time productively, but not knitting, at least not all the time.  I decided to tinker with my laptop and get it set for doing taxes.  I fixed the problem with the communication with the wireless printer. I downloaded software for a few states that I’ll need during the tax season and brought the Federal tax program up to date.  Finally, I got a good chunk of my own taxes done.  Before I knew it the day was over.

But I did get some knitting done on Sunday and early this week.  I am working on the Watermelon Slice socks, which I started in July.  I should get them done this week, here’s how far I’ve gotten:

Near the end of the cuff.

Near the end of the cuff.

And then I had a terrible, awful needle mishap.  I, as you can see, use two circulars to do two socks at a time.  I was pulling one (the wooden one) through when I finished with a ‘row’ and it disconnected.  Now, mind you the needles are not designed to disconnect.  So I decided, that since I had another, though shorter (16 inch), circular in the same size (2.50 mm, or size 1-1/2) I would use that for one sock and the defective circular for the other sock.  I still had the one circular with the chrome finish going through both socks.  So now I was knitting 2 socks with 3 circular needles! 

Despite that, the needle pulled apart again!  I guess I should have glued it.  So, as I picked up all the stitches, I pondered my fate. Should I replace the needle (that is buy a new one)?  Or try to fix it?  It was something that could be glued, but what glue to use?  My knitting was sitting on my lap and, as luck would have it, I managed to put just the right amount of pressure on my knitting to hear ‘snap’!  The other needle, at the other end of the circular, had broken off right where it joins the circular.



Watermelon ends of broken needles

So, sigh, my 16 inch circular is now doing double duty and I definitely have to order a new needle.  I finished the white portion of the cuff, now unto the green.  I should have a new pair of socks by the end of the week.  I am very curious to ‘feel’ what they are like to wear, what with all the beads; though I do tend to wear my hand knit socks with crocks which are nice and loose.  Once I’m done with these I will work on finishing the last of my 3 July projects (or should I say, then I’ll be ‘two down and one to go’)!


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